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Hazel Fish

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I started ballet classes the day I started school in England, and added different styles as the years went by. 


A 'year in NZ' in 2008 with my husband and 3 sons turned into a much longer stay, and we're still here!  Our small town of Waimate had a SCD club and the boys and I started dancing there. A couple of years later I started my teachers' certificate journey, completing this early in 2017.

Originally I was a physio, then after 22 years as a mum and then homeschooling mum, I have recently returned to the working world, training to be a pharmacy technician.  In my spare time I love to run the local country lanes with my dog, reading and knitting. I also spend a lot of time volunteering in my community and am involved in the activities of our local Catholic church.


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