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Aileen Logie's Band

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We are a band of experienced, accomplished musicians and dancers. Our style is authentic Scottish, lively yet expressive. We are based in Wellington, happy to travel anywhere to play.

Aileen Logie – 1st Accordion

I grew up in Scotland surrounded by music and various instruments. Classical piano became nudged out eventually by other genres of music. One day, I picked up my Dad’s old (small!) accordion and took it on a tramp playing for the usual singing and dancing at our overnight bothy (hut). This was an immediate success, and thus started my accordion playing, linking 2 loves – music and dancing. Having played in bands in Scotland for many years, I emigrated to NZ in 2009 and was contacted (the next day!) by Peter Elmes to play in his band. I love playing for SCD with Hilary and Jason, and also have another band for weddings, events and ceilidhs.

Hilary Ferral  - Fiddle

I am a classically trained violinist. I got into playing for Scottish Country Dancing some 7 years ago when I was invited to join Peter Elmes’ Band in Wellington. Since then I have played for numerous dances and classes. I play in a duo partnership with accordionist Aileen Logie as well as with larger groups of musicians. Playing in a ‘different’ style has its challenges, but is a learning curve I am very much enjoying being on!

Jason Morris – Piano, 2nd Accordion

I began dancing nearly 20 years ago as an occasional parent-sideline extra at the Lower Hutt Children’s class. Once dancing became too uncool for my kids I migrated into the adults group, where I succeeded keeping musical interests hidden for many years. Eventually, in 2017 I was roped into playing for a wedding ceilidh - after that, things got busy very quickly. I’ve played piano accompaniment for several band combinations, and more recently begun to inflict the joys of accordion on unsuspecting dancers. Classical piano seemed easy compared to fast, furious reels on a sideways keyboard one can’t see, but I’m enjoying the challenge!

Ian Telfar - Drums

I grew up in a small country town and my parents and grandparents were very involved in the local Scottish community. My grandmother and mother played the piano so my two brothers and I had to become involved from an early age.

My older brother took up the bagpipes, I took up drumming and my younger brother went into dancing.

I am currently a member of the City of Wellington Pipe band and also of the Wellington Gaelic club. Playing the different types of music for public parades, competitions or dance events as well as different instruments is something that I enjoy the challenge of.


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